Wasacz & Skvoretz LTD

Tax Preparation & Planning

Our tax professionals are CPAs with the experience, training, team values and tenacity to meet the tax planning and compliance needs of our clients. We have decades of experience addressing the most technical and diverse tax issues on the local, state and national level. We become a working part of your management team to provide cutting-edge tax planning, analysis and advice as well as accurate and timely tax return preparation. Taxes can cause stress on any person or business. Tax planning, analysis and compliance are never easy. Filing deadlines, as well as communication and negotiation with taxing authorities, can generate extreme pressures. We use tenacious study and interpretation of existing tax laws, intense consideration of "late breaking" income tax proposals and controversies, efficient filing procedures and well honed communication skills to help our clients successfully cope with tax pressures. Experience, training, teamwork and tenacity: We use this proven formula to provide the highest level of service to our clients.