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Estate Planning

An estate plan allows you to designate how your assets are managed during the period of administration and to whom your property will ultimately be distributed. A well-designed estate plan provides you with peace of mind knowing that your assets will be protected and the maximum amount will be transferred to your beneficiaries. Issues relating to estate planning are more complex than just the transfer of money from the estate to named heirs. These issues should include planning for the management and preservation of assets in case of disability. Our team will analyze information and ask the hard questions to ensure that our clients reach their goals while minimizing income and estate taxes for their beneficiaries. Our professionals also take an active role in following up on the estate plan to be sure asset ownership and beneficiary designations are in compliance with the overall plan. Estate plans need to be reviewed every three to five years, especially if you have experienced any of the following life events -- marriage, divorce, birth or death of a family member, or a significant change in income. Our estate tax professionals can provide you with an individualized plan to help you achieve your asset preservation goals.